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Hide plus news with Shortcuts (BE)

You probably know the feeling. You visit one of the news sites and the most interesting articles are plus (paid) articles. Clicking them will simply show you a paywall. Thanks to the arrival of Shortcuts there now is an easy way to make them go 

Install WordPress on a Raspberry Pi 3 or higher + troubleshooting

For this article, I assume you know Raspberry pi basics. I will not go over these here. Before we begin, I used Raspbian Lite. I expect that SSH is enabled and that you verified that all software is up-to-date. If that is the case, we 

Install Windows 10 on J4005N

I bought a J4005N for one simple purpose. To run Handbrake. This is probably one of the cheapest logic boards out there that supports HEVC. To make all of this better, you can make this computer use less than 5W of power while doing so. 

Using older drivers on recent MacOS

Everybody knows the feeling, you buy some great printer and when the next release of your operating system comes out, there are no compatible drivers for your OS. It sucks because printer suppliers can take weeks or even forever to bring you an updated software 

Chroma Subsampling

4:4:4 vs 4:2:2 vs 4:2:0 Chroma Subsampling is closely entwined with Color Encoding Systems, they do however have completely different functions but one cannot live without the other. But what is Chroma Subsampling exactly and how does it correspond with Color Encoding Systems?

Transcoding video using FFmpeg

Here I will show you some of the possibilities I use a lot when transcoding video using FFmpeg. In this post, I will not go over the working of the command line interface. I assume you already have basic knowledge before reading this post. One